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Getting help

As a participant in the Midnight devnet, you have the opportunity to shape the future of Midnight by reporting issues, suggesting enhancements, and directly influencing the development process.

Connectivity failures, bugs, general problems, and suggestions

There are two ways to report problems, make suggestions, give feedback, or just ask for help:

  1. Participate in a discussion on the Midnight Discord server. The Midnight team will be monitoring the #support channel regularly. Important: when you first join the Midnight Discord server, you must accept the rules in the #rules before you can access other content on the server.
  2. Send email to Midnight support.

Security vulnerabilities

If you discover any security vulnerabilities in the Midnight libraries or infrastructure, please report them using the following protocol:

  1. Do not post security vulnerabilities on the support channel on Discord.
  2. Instead, please send a report of what you have found to the Midnight support email address: If you have a fix or workaround for the vulnerability, please describe that, too.
  3. The Midnight team will evaluate your report and may release a fix or publish instructions for mitigating the vulnerability. The team will inform you of the outcome directly.
  4. Unless you request otherwise, the Midnight team will credit you for finding the problem in any publication of a fix or mitigation.
  5. After the Midnight team has either published a fix or informed you that the vulnerability will not be addressed, you are free to disclose it publicly.