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Midnight Lace wallet - alpha version for devnet

There is a Midnight-enabled edition of the Lace wallet. The Midnight Lace wallet is an alpha version specifically for the devnet, functioning as a Chrome extension.

Chrome browser

You must use the Chrome web browser or its derivatives to complete web-based transactions on the Midnight devnet.

Only the Chrome browser itself is fully supported. The Midnight Lace wallet may not be able to connect to your local proof server from Chrome derivatives. If you choose to use Brave, for example, it will be necessary to disable Brave shields when running this tutorial's welcome DApp, so that the DApp (hosted at one address) can contact your local proof server (hosted on your system, at a different address) through the Midnight Lace extension.

Supported Chromium version: 119 or later.

Install Midnight Lace (alpha)

  1. Go to the Midnight devnet releases page.
  2. Select wallet, then select midnight-lace-x.y.z-devnet (where x.y.z is the version).
  3. Click on the ZIP file with a name like to download it.
  4. Unzip the file.
  5. In your Google Chrome (or derived) web browser, go to Settings > Extensions. If necessary, go to Manage Extensions, so that you see a toggle-switch for Developer mode. Enable developer mode.
  6. Additional buttons should appear above your extensions, including the one labeled Load unpacked.
  7. Click the Load unpacked button and select the folder that was created when you unzipped the Midnight Lace ZIP file.

The extension tile in your browser's list of installed extensions may show the existence of some error messages about being unable to connect to the standard set of servers. You may safely ignore these errors.

You may want to go to the Midnight Lace extension's detailed settings and enable the toggle-switch labeled Pin to toolbar, so that the wallet is easily accessible.

Set up Midnight Lace (alpha)

  1. Start the extension, either by clicking its icon on the web browser's toolbar (if you pinned it there after the preceding steps) or by clicking on it in the list of extensions under the extensions icon in your browser's toolbar.

  2. The first page you see presents the options of creating a new wallet or restoring an existing one. new Midnight Lace wallet At this point, create a new wallet.

  3. Read and accept the 'Lace Terms of Use'. Lace Terms of Use

  4. Give your wallet a name to help you identify it later, maybe a name like Midnight devnet. Lace wallet name

  5. Choose and save a strong password for your wallet. Please make sure to keep your password in a safe place. No one will have access to or the ability to retrieve or recover your password. If you lose your password, you will need to restore your wallet with your secret passphrase.

  6. In the next step, the wallet asks for the network addresses and ports of the three client service components it needs:

    • the Midnight network node through which transactions are to be submitted
    • the publish-subscribe (pub-sub) indexer of the blockchain, which transmits ledger updates to the wallet
    • the proof server, which generates zero-knowledge proofs of the validity of your Midnight transactions

    Lace server configuration


Notice that the default proof server address points to a local instance that you have installed. This is because the proof server requires private data as inputs, and using a remote instance could compromise users' private data.

  1. Finally, fill in all the words for a secret passphrase, which may be needed to restore your wallet in the future. Do not lose this passphrase! Please write down and keep your passphrase in a safe place. No one will have access to or the ability to retrieve or recover your passphrase. If you lose your passphrase, you will not be able to restore your wallet. Lace secret passphrase

  2. After you have verified your passphrase, a page confirming that you have completed the setup is displayed. Lace setup complete

Then the main page for your new wallet appears, with 0.00 tDUST as its initial balance. You can access this view at any time by clicking on the Midnight Lace extension icon again.

Before your wallet has received any tDUST, the main page displays the wallet address, so that you can copy it into some place that will transfer funds to the wallet. Visit the token acquisition page to find out more.
Later, you can access the wallet address at any time by clicking on the Receive button at the top of the page. Lace receive