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About Dust


The Midnight network is all about security and protecting your assets, which includes staying safe from scams. We confirm there is no Midnight token in circulation at this time.

We’ll update you with the future plans for tokens from our official channels soon.

Since Midnight is a blockchain platform, it has native tokens. Dust is the token on Midnight used to process transactions and pay transaction fees. Dust allows users to interact with DApps built on Midnight to pay for different services in a variety of applicable use cases.

Test Dust (tDUST)

Midnight currently functions on devnet, its initial sandboxed environment for early developer access. This means that users will be able to test the process of sending and receiving transactions only within devnet.

Test Dust (tDUST) is the devnet version of Dust and, as such, it’s a test token for Midnight devnet testing purposes only.

Visit the token acquisition page to find out more.