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Midnight aims to allow users to securely interact with DApps and transact with other individuals through the use of Web3 wallets. Just as physical wallets hold users’ banknotes and coins, digital wallets serve as containers for managing private keys (a password that provides access to your wallet) and permissions. These keys act as digital signatures that authenticate and authorize transactions within the Midnight network. By securely storing private keys, wallets provide users with control over their digital identities, enabling them to access and manage their assets, and securely interact with DApps and other services. With wallets, individuals can navigate the decentralized landscape confidently, knowing that their data and permissions are protected, enhancing the overall security and privacy of the Web3 ecosystem.

Where to store tDUST?

tDUST require a wallet that supports the Midnight blockchain. This wallet is an application on your device that provides easy access to your funds to enable sending and receiving transactions on Midnight. Such a wallet is suitable for both business and individual needs.


During the Midnight devnet stage, developers and users will have access to a Midnight-specific version of Lace (alpha). Lace is a Web3 light wallet platform developed by Input Output Global (IOG).

Lace is the gateway to access and manage Midnight digital assets, interact with DApps, and maintain control over personal data.