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What is Midnight?

Governments have privileged information. Businesses have trade secrets. Inventors, creators, and researchers have intellectual property that must be protected. Consumer-facing businesses, including healthcare providers and financial institutions, are entrusted with customers’ personal data. Data protection for all these cases is essential. It is required by law in more and more jurisdictions, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to meet their data obligations with existing technologies.

Input Output Global (IOG) is developing Midnight to help organizations meet these challenges.

Currently in devnet, Midnight is a data-protection blockchain designed to safeguard user data while focusing on security, compliance, and developer experience. Midnight empowers developers and businesses by offering a secure environment that eases the development of decentralized applications (DApps) that give users control over their data while supporting compliance with relevant regulations.

Organizations can leverage Midnight to facilitate confidential interactions, share sensitive information, and maintain data integrity.

Moreover, Midnight offers developers powerful and user-friendly development tools. These tools streamline the process of creating or enhancing DApps and platforms, enabling developers to focus on implementing innovative features while relying on Midnight’s robust security infrastructure.