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Why Midnight

Midnight helps counteract worldwide threats to three fundamental freedoms: association, commerce, and expression (ACE).

These ACE freedoms drive Midnight’s philosophy and use cases:


Figure 1: Freedoms of ACE

The world needs technology that supports and protects these freedoms instead of threatening them. When people do not have these basic freedoms, they are unable to connect to the rest of the world.

Midnight provides technology that empowers individuals to associate with their chosen peers. Decentralized identity is core to Midnight interactions as it empowers users to hold and control their data maintaining confidentiality where needed. Relevant assertions about identity can be publicly shared while personally identifiable information remains private.

Midnight aims to balance people's right to engage in lawful activities without the fear of being monitored against the need to safeguard society from malicious individuals. Its data-protecting features enable users to carry out commercial transactions with minimal risk of theft or persecution. Simultaneously, it aims to include regulation-friendly provisions that facilitate compliance with applicable laws for both users and commercial marketplaces.

Thirdly, Midnight aims to provide the means for the free expression of views without fear of censorship. Personally identifiable information is never shared, although DApp users can make provable assertions about themselves through the use of cryptographic methods.

Watch Charles Hoskinson, IOG CEO, explain the core Midnight concepts at IO ScotFest: